Aging gracefully

Aging is a normal process. Everyone will undergo the process of aging. But it can never be through the same process. It will not occur at the same pace for everyone irrespective of age. As we age, our body desire various nutrients to ensure wellness and damage also occur to our bodies from stress, mental instabilities/anxiety, labile emotions, environmental pollution and unhealthy diets. Aging takes away certain abilities of the body to cope with all these stressors.

So many factors come into play when we think of aging gracefully. People look for anti-aging treatments to keep wrinkles away. They forget that aging can be seen and unseen. The seen is on the skin and the unseen is inside the body (not visible to the naked eyes); the internal organs. It is good to take care of the skin which is the largest organ in the human body but it is best done from the unseen to the seen. Then, a holistic you aging gracefully can be assured.

What aspects should we then look out for when we think to age gracefully? What is known to work is a combination of several factors. These factors are grouped together under lifestyle modifications and have various branches. Mentally, ensure you engage your brain in activities that will keep it in active service by playing games, eating balanced diet, listen to good music, dance and enjoy humor of life. Socialize, attend events and loosen up. Physical exercises are a must and should be age dependent. Exercises range from simple routines to regimented practices. Trekking is not exercise. Exercise is what you enjoy and done intentionally. Eating healthy cannot be ruled out. Healthy diet is a mix of various nutrients which depends on age. One way to get the diet right is to ensure that your meal is colorful. Some people do vitamins supplements. Vitamin supplements are good and can be sources of antioxidants which help perform essential processes and prevents toxic damage to the body. Vitamins also help repairs damage to the body. The role of water has never been overemphasized. Depending on your region, drink clean, potable water as demanded by your body daily.

In another post, we will deal extensively with what to avoid and minimize to age gracefully. It is never too late to begin the journey of aging gracefully. Lifestyle modification should be a way of life and exactly what is to be practiced.