Enhancing hydration and flavoured water.

Water infusions Credit, google images

Do you know that when you sometimes think that you are hungry and your stomach needs a refill that it is actually your cup that needs a refill with potable drinking water to quench that thirst? Drinking water has alot of benefits which includes enhancing your metabolism. But, water does not seem so attractive to drink. Flavouring or infusing water is an easier way to encourage your increase in water intake. Flavouring can be achieved with fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. Commonly used are lime, lemon, orange, cucumber, carrot, ginger,tangerine, basil, rosemary and mint leaves which can be used singly or in combination. They are immersed in cold water. Some herbs like ginger maybe infused in hot water for maximal benefit and left to simmer for about four minutes. Other fruits can then be added as desired on cooling down. It can be stored in a water can and sipped throughout the day.

What quantity of water can we say is adequate for the body? It depends on alot of factors which includes your weather, activity and health status. However, a general baseline of 30ml of water/kg body weight is acceptable. For example, a 60kg adult should drink nothing less than 1.8l of water daily bearing in mind some of the listed factors above.

What benefit can we ascribe to flavoured water? In recent times, it has been sold to those seeking to loose weight as fat burners and detoxification agents. The truth is that flavoured water does not burn fat. It has also been promoted as a recipe for clear skin. In truth also, a well hydrated skin will surely appear well nourished, clear and healthy. Infused water has even been sold as a mood enhancer. Hmmmm! However, flavourd water benefits us in that it is packed with flavours of our choice and contains lesser calories especially in those watching their weight. The micronutrients in the fruits, vegetables and herbs are also transferred to the body.

Flavoured water is way better than fizzy drinks but experts still argue that plain water is still the best hydration tool. This is because most of the fruits used to flavour water are acidic and will end up washing calcium away from the teeth. To avert this, drink with a meal. Using a straw to drink or drinking fast can help minimize contact with the teeth.

This is not to discourage its cosumption but to state that when taken in excess it is not beneficial to the teeth. Fizzy drinks are packed with excess sugar and are more corrosive to the teeth. Alternating, flavoured water with plain water is still a better option to sodas and fizzy drinks.