All you need to know about smiling and your well-being

Smiling can be infectious
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Everyone loves being smiled at as we are naturally drawn to people who smile. Smiling does more than just letting everyone around you know that you are doing okay or are happy. It has huge benefits to your whole being whether mentally, socially or physically. Even, smiling has economic benefits as it makes you appear successful.

Smiling sincerely can make one to be socially appealing by making you appear attractive, likeable, friendly, relaxed and trustworthy. But at other times, you have no reason to smile because you are unhappy. Here is a shocker, irrespective of your mood smiling is anti-aging and improves your health. Smiling helps to lower blood pressure. Reduced blood pressure lowers risk for heart disease.

Smiling helps fight off diseases
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It is thought that when you smile, you not only improve your mood and make you whole system relax but it also builds up the body’s immune system. Smiling signals brain receptors that releases neurotransmitters that can increase the body’s immunity and fight off illnesses.

Smiling can signal receptors in the brain to also release natural pain-relieving molecules. Research documents that social laughter increases pain threshold thereby creating a higher pain tolerance especially in individuals with chronic ailments.

People are generally drawn to people who smile alot because smiling is contagious. People who smile alot tends to foster better relationships. Healthy relationships are important for a balanced overall well-being of an individual. It helps create positive emotions and stronger social bonds.

Whether in persons with depression or anxiety, smiling helps improve mood and encourages positive emotions which leads to a healthier lifestyle.
Smiling signals the body to release anti-stress molecules that leads to stress relief. The anti-stress molecules like dopamine, serotonin and endorphins improves mood, relaxes muscles, decreases heart rate and lowers blood pressure. Smiling helps prevent us from looking tired and fatigued.

Smiling makes you more socially acceptable
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Amazingly, the brain cannot differentiate a fake from a sincere smile. So if you feel down, faking smiles frequently can become a habit that will lead to all benefits of smiling. Watching a comedy show, funny films and avoiding negative can help create a balance that will encourage smiling. Spending time with positive minded and fun loving persons can make one to be light hearted and encourage smiling.

In conclusion, smiling whether you are feeling blue, elated or happy are helpful to the body, mind and overall well-being of an individual. Ensure you avail yourself of these benefits. Ensure that you do more than making smiling just an involuntary response to joy or satisfaction but also a voluntary response as a habit.