Create your own beauty

Worldwide, skincare brands are huge and products are churned out daily with different claims also being associated with the products. The knowledge out is so much but far from being exhausted and research is still ongoing to fill these void gaps. Despite, the large number of brands and skincare knowledge out there, many are still at a loss what is required before choosing a product. It is possible to remain beautiful at any age. How can we create our beauty at any age? There is so much knowledge but so many are not accessing this free and readily available knowledge.

The first step is to get acquainted with your skin type and products meant specifically for your skin. Familiarity with ingredients for your skin type takes one out of the jungle of skin care products. Not all ingredients are suited to all skin types. Some skin challenge require certain ingredients that can provide required solution. A skincare product is beyond the packaging or the aesthetics of the product it self but depends a whole lot on the active ingredients present in the product.

In as much as some skin characteristics are genetically determined, a large percentage of our skin characteristics is determined by our lifestyle practices and environmental exposures. Certain lifestyle practices go a long way to determine skin aging and can include; smoking, poor sleep habits, inactivity and lack of exercises. Environmental pollutants can be from exposure to UV rays. Having a skincare care routine that will modify lifestyle practices to suit skin needs and protection from environmental pollutants can write a good skin story.

All skin types need moisturizer. The skin has both oil and water. The balance created by these relates with the particular skin type. Your skin care products need to be carefully chosen to address the need peculiar to your skin. For example, oily skin has an imbalance of oil and moisture. To create a balance, skincare products must be carefully chosen to deliver hydration and help address the excess oil production. While, dry skin does not need skincare products that are only oil packed but also should deliver adequate hydration to the skin.

Ensuring you stay well hydrated is essential for the total well being of everyone but however, it is not enough to drink water and expect the skin to retain alot of the water. The skin needs to retain water with aid. The extra skin hydration must be applied topically in skincare products. Using a moisturizer helps with retaining water for the skin. Certain actives in skincare products that can help to retain water includes, hyaluronic acid, sodium lactate and glycerine. They are able to attract moisture and fix it to skin. The facial skin is particularly delicate and more prone to dehydration, hence the use of serum and moisturizer both morning and evening is highly encouraged to ensure adequate skin hydration.

Every skin has peculiarities that are unique to them. Alot of factors interact that determine the rate at which skin aging starts and it is not the same for everybody. One individual may begin to have fine, wrinkle lines at age 35 while another may start at 55. What is most important is that everyone recognise when they begin to have the signs of aging and go the extra mile to include anti-aging agents in skin care. It is also recommended to start anti-aging early enough without the signs of aging. This is to delay aging as much as possible.

In conclusion, all skins are unique and it is important to know your skin type. Knowing your skin type will guide towards finding that perfect skincare products that can match your unique skin. That is the major way that you can create your beauty.