Work burnout

Shout out to all our loving Workers on this celebration of the International Worker’s Day. Whether you are self-employed or employed in the private or public sectors, the world is advancing socially, economically and technologically today because of you. You are simply put, amazing. You dedicate yourself to work, even sometimes beyond the work hours stated and without considering the consequences on your well-being.

It is no less easy for the entrepreneur. They work really hard, at odd and long hours. There is a popular saying that ‘no man or woman became an entrepreneur because they desired to work lesser hours. If anything, most entrepreneurs work even more hours. But is it really ideal for anyone to work crazy hours?

International labour states that work hours ideally should be maximum 8hours daily and 40hours weekly. How many can live above poverty with this minimum in Africa? Does it have any effect if you you work more hours?
Experts states that every work hour above 8hours a day is making you less effective and may result in burnouts.
In the United States, there is no limit set to work hours a day or days a week an employee can work if the employee is above 16years. In Europe, the usual work hours is 40hours per week. In Nigeria, normal work hours is 40hours per week, Monday through Friday and 8am to 4pm. In the US, work is 8am to 9pm with one hour for unpaid lunch taken at your own time.

Work burnout is not uncommon and has nothing to do with age as alot of young people come down with burnout before the age of 35 years and same can be said of older people above 55years. Work burnout is described as work-related stress, whereby a person’s physical or mental state is exhausted resulting in a sense of decreased accomplishment, lack of interest in things and loss of personal identity for an extended period of time.

Consequences of work burnout
. Hypertension
. Heart disease
. Easy fatiquability
. Easy irritability, anger or sadness
. Alcohol misuse
. Substance misuse
. Poor sleep
. Diabetes

What to do to combat work burnout

  1. Regular exercise: This helps to elevate mood and take your mind off stress.
  2. Relax: Try activities that can help relax like meditation, reading, visiting friends, listening to music and yoga. Relaxation helps to restore your total well-being.
  3. Get support: You can get support from loved ones, friends, your General Practitioner, Boss and co-workers.
  4. Get enough sleep
  5. Discuss with your boss: Ensure you discuss in a non-demanding and calm manner with your boss. You can inform your boss about the challenges you are going through and your concerns. Both of you can arrive at a less stressful compromises and tasks may even be assigned over longer durations.

  6. If left unchecked, burnout is hazardous to physical, social and mental health. It also decreases job performance. Early detection and prompt handling is key to combating work burnout.