Musings on hypertension in the young

The heart is the power house of the body
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Another young, able-bodied husband to a client of mine who clocked 34years last week passed on today from Stroke. He did not have a chance to fight it! He had no opportunity to see his bouncing baby boy to be born next month, a baby his wife said he already nicknamed “Chairman”. He left behind a beautiful pregnant wife of 29years old and two lovely children.

He suddenly developed poor vision about ten days before his demise and got an OTC eye drops from a patent medicine dealer who trades on the street behind where he lived. His vision did not improve and he had to see an Optometrist two days later who informed him to see a Physician because he had eye complications of raised blood pressure that disturbed his vision. His wife said that he refused as he said that hypertension was not his portion and that he was too young to develop hypertension.

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Hypertension is no respecter of age, person or social position. I always tell my clients “hypertension does not have any symptom” . It is not a feeling and is different from temperature. Hypertension that announces itself with symptoms is usually complicated. Untreated hypertension damages different organs in the body from the head to the feet and can present with life-threatening, serious symptoms.

Hypertension with symptoms is complicated already. No age is spared. I see young people with complications of hypertension. The only way to make a diagnosis is by getting a blood pressure check. We have to be proactive which entails regular blood pressure checks. Be wise, do the needful before irreparable damage occur. Regularly check your blood pressure. Encourage those around you to use their drugs regularly as recommended and attend regular clinic check ups. Please, note that using garlic in any form, vitamin supplements cannot cure hypertension. Hypertension is treatable. Avail yourself of the various modalities of management so you can help us to help you. Visit your Physician today.