7 Things that can happen when you do not moisturise.

Irrespective of the type of skin you have, a most suitable Moisturizer is needed for your skin. When you skip out on moisturizing there are effects that are unpleasant. Find them below;

  1. You can develop wrinkles early or develop more wrinkles if you already have wrinkles. Aging is accelerated when you fail to Moisturise.
  2. Your acne can become worse. Yes, there are noncomedogenic oils suitable for acne prone skin.
  3. Your skin becomes prone to irritating conditions like itching, peeling and redness.
  4. Your complexion will appear dry and flaky.
  5. Your make up will not be so dope. In fact, it will not be flawless.
  6. You lose the protective layer that acts as barrier to pollutants.
  7. Your skin will appear less supple, less youthful and fine lines deepen.
    Skincare routine is hard work but skipping out on it and developing these unpleasant features requires harder work to improve if it ever does. Better to choose your hard carefully.