Eat or apply; tomato your total healthy skin option.

Many skincare products are full of toxins that can harm the body. Combined with other toxins that we sometimes are unable to avoid totally like environmental pollution, the organs of the body do so much more than they really should trying to keep us healthy. There are better options to escape these toxic harm to the body. The major one is to know what is put into and on your body. This we can do by going natural. Many fruits and vegetables are a healthy building block for repair and rejuvenation of our bodies. Balanced and nutritious foods not only help us with good cognitive functioning but also waste elimination from the body, repair of our systems and healthy looking skin. A very good example of such that is commonly available as different species worldwide is tomato.

Tomatoes can speak volumes of radiance and glow when it comes to using it for skincare. Tomatoes are packed with nutrients, slightly acidic and
has certain ingredients that are beneficial to the skin like vitamins A, C, beta carotene and lycopene. It helps clear skin and increases brightening. Tomatoes has high astringent properties which helps decrease the occurrence of excess sebum which controls oil build-up on the skin thereby preventing blackheads. It has high antioxidant that helps protect the skin from UV rays damage, healing sun burn. It helps to balance skin pH shrinking size of skin pores, clearing acne, pimples and reducing irritations of the skin.
Tomatoes has ability to fight cell damage thereby preventing wrinkles and fine lines which helps in anti-aging skincare. These benefits makes it a go-to for skin rejuvenation.

How to use tomatoes?

  1. Eat them raw or cooked
  2. Apply on skin. How? Apply cut tomato slice alone on face and leave on for five to fifteen minutes before wash off. This can help brighten dull skin, shrink pores and reduce oiliness.
    Can also mix a spoonful with 4 teaspoonful of lemon juice. Apply on face and rinse off with tepid water. Or mix two teaspoonful of Fuller’s earth with pulp of one average sized tomato and apply to face and leave to dry. Rinse off and enjoy taut, brighter skin.
    Mixing the juice of one tomato and one cucumber can be used as a skin toner.
    Recently, it is being promoted that even cooking the puree is still highly beneficial as it releases more of the lycopene. So, to eat raw, cooked or applying juice directly on skin is beneficial.
    Eating an average sized tomato or two a day applying topically on the skin can help you achieve a healthy natural glowing, clear and radiant skin. Only just make sure to wash before you eat.
    You can start right away and see the awesome transformation from tomatoes whether you eat or you apply topically on your skin.

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