Should i keep a routine when home-based?

Why would anyone that is not even a stay home be bothered about skin care? I have been frequently asked this question especially with the current global situation and given other comments that pertain to skincare for people who are mostly indoors. Let me quickly just give some samples.

Aah! Now that daily life is altered with the current lockdown, is keeping a skincare routine really necessary? 
Yes, I know that the skin can become burnt, look dull, break-out, even appearing red with exposures to pollutants if the skin is neglected. I also know that more serious complications from environmental pollution can lead to premature aging, skin discoloration and cancers. But now that we are on lockdown and I am #stayhome compliant to prevent #COVID19, do I still need a routine since I am not exposed to environmental pollutants?

Is a beautiful skin possible without a skincare routine?

These narratives are genuine concerns my clients have been faced with and been seeking answers to. Sadly, we may be indoors now but environmental irritants and pollutants still seep into our houses. The skin stresses can still be activated by habits, emotions, irritants and pollutants even indoors.

It has been documented by research that UV rays still filter indoors and other environmental onslaughts still occur leading to toxins or triggers that can stress out skin. UVA rays are known to penetrate through glass (like windows) into houses, unlike UVB rays which are readily blocked by glass  and clouds. Fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots are mostly effects of UVA rays while UVB rays mostly cause skin cancers and skin burns. The air may feel very clean with less environmental exposures but harmful UV rays are still penetrating the skin.

For those that work from home, they are still at risk of exposures from high energy visible lights (called blue lights). Their own exposures to blue lights occur from computers, lap tops, tablets and phones. Lockdown also means that we use phones more as we connect on social media and while away time watching movies. All these increase screen time which exposes to blue lights. 

In essence, toxins and free radicals are generated on the skin whether you are in doors or outdoors and still require mopping up with the use of antioxidants. The best ways to ensure that these free radicals do not damage the skin is by keeping to a routine. It may be a simpler routine and should look to include both skincare products and healthy habits. The right steps all still need to be followed; cleanse, tone, rejuvenate/correct, moisturise and protect. A skincare routine goes way beyond getting the right skincare products. A proper routine is inclusive of diet, exercise, hydration and mental health.

This #lockdown is still a right time to cleanse the skin using an appropriate cleansing agents whether soap bars or body washes. Natural, non-harsh and mild soaps are still highly recommended by me. Also, do not neglect regular exfoliation to remove dead skin cells. Including a sunscreen is still very much a necessity and the SPF level will be dependent on how much daylight sun occurs in your environment. There is no better time than now to include in your skincare routine, a product that contains vitamin A or a retinoid. Retinoids are best included in a night regimen. For your skincare products that are natural, effective, nourishing and affordable; visit @oma_essentialsluxury on Instagram. 

Hydration both from drinking enough water and layering on the skin from moisturiser is very essential. Always keep a bottle of water close to you. Adequate hydration is usually obtained from at least eight glasses of water a day. Nourishing with vitamins such as C, E and micronutrients like zinc can be obtained readily with fruits and vegetables. 

Daily exercises like walking round the house or the yard encourages blood flow that is essential to healthy skin. Diet plans should not be neglected but increase in physical activities greatly contributes not only to good weight control but contributes to a healthy heart and skin. This is as a result of increase muscular activities that helps blood supply to all organs of the body and prompt waste elimination. Then, ensure to watch out to avoid face picking and touching the face. 

Not to be taken for granted are self care routine or practices. It is necessary to have a relaxation time. Whether it is to watch a movie, listen to music or dancing, it is important to take a break from daily hustle or house chores to have some quality time for yourself. Adequate sleep is still essential.

Finally, a positive mental health is essential as we hibernate indoors. Think positive, feel positive and act positive. Declutter your mind and be happy. A healthy and glowing skin is possible with the right routine.