Tips for working from home.

Working from home? You are not alone. So many people are being pushed to work from home with the recent COVID19 pandemic. Looking forward, more people will definitely be forced to work from home. When it comes to being highly productive and efficient, it is more than a high speed internet service provider and modern computer. There are certain considerations that need to be in place. Here are a couple;

  1. Bath and get dressed. Do not neglect the washing routine. It is still ideal to bath twice a day.
  2. Have a dedicated office corner and be clear about your office work hours. Sometimes, we cannot avoid the cabin fever because the whole day maybe spent in silence. So, it is ideal to schedule at least a phone call a day.
  3. Schedule social time where you put in virtual time with your team members. Do the small talks and gist. Maybe a short time before work starts, midday/lunch and at close of the day.
  4. Prioritize exercise. Take breaks to stretch your legs and do not neglect the lunch hour. It will be best to establish a good routine adapted to you and peculiarities. Taking walks in the neighbourhood while breathing in fresh air fulfills multiple functions including moving your body.
  5. Hydrate adequately. Drink enough water and eat your water. You can eat your water in fruits and vegetables.
  6. Eat healthy more colourful plates. These are represented by vegetables and fruits.
  7. Stay off sugary and fizzy drinks. These drinks cannot replace water.

Working from remote locations can be made productive with certain processes as listed above rightly put in place. There are no clear cut rules but organizational structures and norms may shift paradigms but each participant will need to structure what works for them.